Agape Christian Mission

We appreciate all contributions to help further our mission. It is through your generous support that we’re able to continue bringing change to communities in need.

About ACM India

ACM-India MN's partners in India focus on the following causes and projects:

Children's Home - The ACM sponsored Champion Home is a safe, loving, nurturing home for children in need.  Children that live at Champion Home have access to secure shelter, clean drinking water, food, and education.  Through the loving support provided at Champion Home, children are lifted out of a life of poverty and hardship, and given an opportunity to grow, thrive, and succeed.

Education - ACM India MN supports Champion School, which provides education for levels K - 6.  Contributions support the building of additional classrooms, teachers, and supplies.  There are also growing opportunities to support kids who are looking for an opportunity to go to college.  ACM's community supports them through gifts for tuition and books.

Water Projects - Water continues to become a more scarce resource in southern India.  Water projects that ACM has supported include the drilling of new wells in rural communities, as well as water purification projects at the Children's Home.

Lepers' Ministry - ACM partners with local leper communities to provide regular meals, food supplies, as well as meet other specific needs that may arise within the community.

Church Planting & Bible College - ACM believes that the foundation of the work that it does in the community is through its ministry.  This includes a monthly bible college for area pastors, support of local churches, and the support of building of new churches in nearby communities.


ACM India MN is a non-profit organization.

EIN: 81-2870705