ACM India Ministry Programs

Agape Christian Mission consists of multiple ministries and outreach efforts to share the love of Jesus Christ. We’re currently active in community development, education and housing for the young and sensitive populations of Tamil Nadu.

Champion Home

Poverty in India impacts children, families and individuals in a variety of different ways. Malnutrition, child labor, lack of education, child marriage and HIV/AIDS are some of the obstacles children in India face each day. Since the beginning, caring for children has been an integral part of ACM’s mission. Champion Home opens its doors to children from diverse backgrounds: many of the children are orphans, semi-orphans, abandoned or come from families unable to care for them.

Champion Home is a safe, loving, nurturing home for children in need. Children that live at Champion Home have access to secure shelter, clean drinking water, food, education and healthcare. Through the loving support provided at Champion Home, children are lifted out of a life of poverty and hardship, and given an opportunity to grow, thrive, and succeed. Our goal is to give the children every opportunity to lead successful lives and become positive influences within their communities.



Champion School, provides education for levels K – 6 to children living at Champion Home and throughout the local community. There are also growing opportunities to support kids who are looking for an opportunity to go to college. ACM's community supports them through donations for tuition, books and cost of living.

Clean Water Project

We build fresh water wells in rural and hill regions to meet a pressing need for clean water. Many people living in rural areas must travel, often by foot, many miles to find access to clean drinking water.  Without clean drinking water people are at risk for infections, water borne illnesses and can develop chronic diarrhea leading to dehydration. The planting of fresh water wells within these regions provides clean and accessible water which is critical to the survival of people living within impoverished communities.  Additionally, Southern India is largely an agricultural society and is dependent on freshwater sources. Planting wells in these locations helps ACM build bridges to communities for our outreach efforts.




Evangalism and Church Planting

It is our goal to help support planting churches in rural and tribal areas without an established Christian presence. We seek out local pastors and evangelists with a heart to live in these areas and disciple new believers.   

Our ministry seeks to share the Gospel through creative and engaging programs. We share the good news of Jesus Christ with door-to-door evangelism, vacation bible school, puppet shows for children, and the Gospel film show.  Regular trips are made into the hill and tribal areas to show Gospel videos. Some of these areas are so remote they can only be accessed by foot. Whole villages may turn out to watch video presentations of gospel-related movies.

Leprosy Ministry

60% of the world’s leprosy cases live in India.  In India, people who have contracted leprosy are viewed as outcasts.  Many spend their lives completely isolated from society, are ostracized from their communities and are forced to live in remote areas. They and members of their families sometimes find it impossible to find work, receive a quality education, or marry. 

We seek to share the love of Jesus Christ with those affected by leprosy by meeting their physical needs through nutritious meals and food distribution programs along with clothes, blankets, and other basic needs.  Additionally, we try to meet specific medical needs of individuals affected by the crippling disease by purchasing wheelchairs and other handicap equipment for those who cannot walk without assistance. 




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